Valentine’s Day Look using Sleek Respect Palette

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Look-ul de astazi reprezinta prima propunere pentru Valentine’s Day :D. E indraznet,  flirty si pasional. Prima varianta e cu ruj rosu, cealalta cu ruj fuchsia. Personal, eu prefer rujul rosu…ma duce cu gandul la Twilight :)). Dupa atatea look-uri simple, am simtit nevoia sa go all out :)). Daca vi se pare prea mult, puteti sa inlocuiti rujul cu unul nude si sa aplicati blush-ul intr-o nuanta mai discreta. Sper sa va placa!
Today’s look is my first for Valentine’s Day. It’s edgy, flirty and passionate. I did the first version using a red lipstick and the second with a fuchsia one. Personally, I prefer the red lipstick….it makes me think of something a character from Twilight would wear :)). After so many easy looks, I went all out :)). If you think it’s too much, you can replace the lipstick with a nude one and use a more discreet blush shade. I hope you like it!

  Too Faced Lemon Drop Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil – Rust (intins pe pleoapa mobila – smudged on the lid)
Farmasi Eye Pencil – 101
L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara


Farmasi Rouge Lipstick – 02
Farmasi True Color Lipstick – 11

Farmasi Sun Kiss Bronzing Powder – 01

Sleek Blush By 3 – Lace (“Chantilly”) 
Farmasi Terracotta Powder – No.03

 *click to enlarge*
On different eye colors: 
Tutorialul de mai jos e asemanator ca forma, numai ca aici nu am folosit scotch. L-am facut direct si apoi am dat cu pensula de fond de ten la capat pentru ca crea o forma alungita. 
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