3 link-uri pentru Duminica {24.04}

A fost o saptamana lunga. Am postat doua clipuri pe Youtube, un review pentru Lancome Miracle Cushion si v-am povestit si despre cum a fost la Laser Tag. Am filmat cu Irina pentru alt clip care va aparea saptamana viitoare, am fost la un event Fashion Days si la unul Lancome (btw, ati aflat ca Alexandru Abagiu e noul make-up artist national Lancome?). Ieri am avut machiaje de dimineata si dupa mi-am amintit putina statistica cu Denisa mica, iar astazi am lasat-o pentru relaxare si lene totala, desi va trebui totusi sa-mi fac curaj sa raspund la niste mail-uri mai pe seara. 
In rest, m-a intristat pierderea lui Prince. Cand eram pustoaica imi doream sa-mi dedice cineva The most Beautiful Girl in the world si mi se pare cu atat mai trist pentru ca era inca tanar, cu cativa ani mai mare ca tata. Sunt, in schimb, entuziasmata ca incet incet se finalizeaza si pregatirile pentru noul aspect al blogului si sper ca in maxim doua saptamani sa fie implementate. Astazi va las 3 link-uri ale unor articole care m-au impresionat saptamana asta, ca si Duminica trecuta.

Child, Bride, Mother: Nepal. – „I first met the young couple on their wedding day, eight years earlier. They were just 14 and 16 years old. Nepal has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world — 41 percent of girls and 11 percent of boys marry before age 18. That day, theirs was just one of several adolescent weddings held in the village temple. Durga’s father hadn’t liked the idea of his son’s abandoning his education and marrying young, but after Durga’s mother died, the family needed help in both the home and the fields. So they found a suitable young bride.” -> http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/04/24/opinion/24exposures.html

I Dressed Like Style Icons To Prove A Point About Fashion – „Line up all of today’s top style icons and you might notice a trend: these models, actresses, socialites and tastemakers more or less fit the same mold. Come to think of it, I can’t think of a single female celebrity revered for her style who isn’t teeny-tiny with the face of an angel. But y’know what’s weird? In looking at photos of these women, I can’t help but notice their styles are pretty average: lots of T-shirts, leggings, white sneakers, and loose fabrics. This got me thinking, in our society, is „fashionable” just another word for „thin”?” -> http://aplus.com/a/dressed-like-gigi-hadid-kendall-jenner-to-prove-fashion-point

Woman shares photo before and after a panic attack to give an unfiltered look at anxiety – „Amber Smith of Rugby, England has gone massively viral for sharing a „before and after” picture. Rather than a side-by-side about weight loss, or even makeup, Smith posted about how she struggles with depression and anxiety. It’s time, Smith said, to strip away the filters and artifice of social media. Everyone has a Facebook face—filtered, made up—and a social media persona—happy, carefree—and being ashamed of the underlying struggles just makes things worse.” -> http://www.someecards.com/life/digital-life/amber-smith-panic-attack-before-and-after/

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Love, K.


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