Gift from the Easter bunny

The sun is finally up, which means I get to wear my lovely new pumps from Pixie Shoes. Aren’t they just precious? 😀
Love, K.


  1. Butterfly99 says:

    Ce draguti sunt…sa ii porti cu placere :*

  2. MayDay says:

    Hristos a inviat! Sunt tare faini, sa-i porti cu placere!:X

  3. Dee says:

    Sunt minunati.
    Sa-i porti cu plare.

  4. Roxie T says:

    Ce model si culoare frumoasa!Sa-i porti sanatoasa! te pup!

  5. cherry queen says:

    sunt superbi pantofiorii.. de la culoare si pana la model.. sunt adorabili

  6. sigina says:

    superbi sunt! sa ii porti sanatoasa!!

  7. SpecialKoko says:

    Multumesc, fetelor! ♥

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