Photo Diary: September Days

Press play!

*On the set with the beautiful Laura Giurcanu & Andreea Retinschi*

*Maxi skirt & kitty ears*
*Beauty sleep*
*BFFs on a road trip* 
*…so serene*
*Name-day present from mommy*
*Cute gift from*
 *My guardian*
*Double winged eyeliner* (Romwe earrings & cap)
*Before @Micul Paris
…after, new haircut & hair color*
 *Midnight stroll in the rain…:x*
*Every morning is beautiful with my babies*
*New Asos goodies*
*Off to conquer the world in my pink blazer* (Romwe necklace & blazer)
*When a dog is in your life, there is always a reason to laugh ♡ Adopt!*
*Show me love & affection 24/7, please*
*Sporting ombre lips this fall*
*Casual outfit for work* (Skirt: Reserved, Jacket: New Yorker, Necklace: Promod)
*Beautiful model at the photo-shoot today*
*Sunday sunset…*
*He’s not my whole life, but he makes my life whole. Adopt!*
*…fall feeling*
*I love mysteries!*
*My diet isn’t going as planned ☺*
Love, K.

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