Photo Diary: Start of June ♥

Last exam, checked…sunt oficial in vacanta :D. Mult succes celor care isi sustin licenta, stiu cum eram si eu anul trecut si nu e deloc distractiv :)). Pana atunci, va las cu cateva poze din ultimele saptamani :D.

 *Lovely gift from my mommy*

*Mojito, my love ☺*

 *New pair of flats from Asos*
*I love Subway*
 *Smoky eyes and nude lips*
*Make-up Classes: Splash of color*
*Perfect babies*
*If I get a little prettier can I be your baby?*
*Gold and rust for a lovely bride*
*Kim Kardashian look for Iolanda*
*Pizza night*
*Big smile on a Summer’s day ♥*
 *Cool gift from Kamelia*
 *Windy day in Bucharest*
*Revlon Goodies*
*Purple Smoky look*
 *…after a hard exam, giving an interview*
 *Some pampering @Micul Paris*
*Pancakes made by a friend*
*Had some dental work done*
*Off to work*
*Gold & blue for Anda*
*Ladies night @Le Gaga*
*Can you tell I’m obsessed? E-bay goodies!*
*Winged e/l & red lips*
*A touch of blue for Mada*
*Smoky gold for Bianca’s prom*
*Late night dessert*
*Lana del Rey inspired nails*
*X Factor Auditions with my BFF*
 *Loved it, such an awesome soundtrack*
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