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Hey sweeties, Nookie from FashionInMyEyes here. Koko asked me to fill in today for her while she’s relaxing in the sun. Though, how I know Koko, she’s probably under an umbrella right now using all those Vichy 50spf+ lotions she posted on facebook.
Make up is not my area of strength so I’m not going to tell you about my make up routine or something like that because, trust me, it’s really boring, besides a bronzer and a couple of  red lipsticks there’s nothing to it. Still, I enjoy every look Koko posts and the make by u feature.
So, because summer isn’t over and some of us still didn’t go on vacation, me included, I thought that a couple of travel essentials are in order. Almost every time I pack silly things, and I end up forgetting the important stuff.
Here we go :
* Books and magazines : magazines for the road in case you get bored and books, books are must especially if you go somewhere with a beach. Though, if you have a Kindle or an Ipad, lucky you, you won’t have to carry them around.

* Lotions, all kind of lotions, from sun lotions to mosquito lotions, nobody wants to get back red as lobster and bitten by those pesky mosquitoes.

* A sewing kit, don’t want to count the number of times I needed one and didn’t have were to get it from.

* Comfy shoes & adequate bag, we all love heels but they can be a burden if you have to visit lots of places.

* A map and a city guide, this is mandatory if you are planning to leave the country and explore other ones, you don’t want to get lost. I always do, and again if you have a smart phone, the Google maps application always comes in handy, I even use it in my hometown, imagine that.
* Camera, you have to immortalize all those beautiful places and upcoming fun!
* Last but not least, killer clothes and beauty products, I’m not going to give you a reason for this one.
Care to add your travel essentials?

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